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Oh Shi-----

2009-11-11 16:52:06 by Valz

So I had to get a new iPhone because my headphone Jack was damaged from the factory. Do if you have my number text me your name so I can add you back to my contacts.


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Next week The Beatles Rock Band comes out, so to celebrate I present you one of the best covers of Come Together performed by Aerosmith.

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

2009-08-23 23:42:04 by Valz

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Be it Middle, High or College we are all parting ways. I thought this would be a great post for everyone, since most of us are heading back. I am happy I have 3 weeks until I starte school.


Make A Good Girl Go Bad

2009-07-24 02:03:56 by Valz

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The Sad Lengths Someone Will Goto

2009-03-14 18:06:21 by Valz

After trying the put the last year of whiney hell behind me, trying to rebuild my home, life from the hurricane & fighting with FEMA, I get a call from the Medina, Ohio Sheriff's department. Not only was it weird that it was from them but the call happened at 11 p.m. at night while my family & I were sleeping.

Seems that a false police report was filed on me & not only that the person who filed it said that it was me who was bothering them. So after filing a report they then had me threathened with having a warrent issued for my arrest. Now thing is that I had be in & out of this hospital when this so called harassment was happening & I had just come home to sleep after being in the ER for 15 1/2 hours & was woken up with no voice so I could hardly speak. So I now am legally following up with my local authorities who have seen the text messages, heard the prank calls left on my cell phone whom I matched up to the person. They also have all my phone bills to see that I have had no contact with this person whatsoever. Better yet is that I have recordings of them making prank calls to a Target store & Scientiologists. This has made this person look ever more guilty according to my local authorities. So I have given them everything I have with this person. They said it was good that I kept everything I did & not erasing the calls at 3am with someone on the other end making baby voices.

This person has now opened a can of worms that are going to come back to haunt them. The cell company has helped me with the harasssing hang up calls. Filing a false police report is a crime & now that I have more than enough proof that it wasn't me, I sure hope they can get a better job to take care of all legal actions that are coming their way.

The best part of this whole thing is that they even told their authorities that THEY WOULD STOP CONTACTING ME. I am so glad that the officer in that county put that in the report that was made.

Soon the Truth Will Come Out

2009-02-06 01:45:28 by Valz

So this person who has been doing a poor job of trying to block their phone number off my phone has failed misrably. People say this person isn't capable of doing these things, but soon I will show the solid proof.

I am going to host the movies, images, emails, messages, texts, fraud, calls on my bills etc showing how full of shit this person is.

You know who you are. Be a man & admit that you're doing this bullshit & stop running to your mom for protection you little bitch. Be a man & admit that you have been harassing me & my family. Worse yet is him having his psycho mom call my mom yelling at her because she isn't aware of what her retard son does. Do I care if you masturbate 8 times a day? Do I care that you danced like some fucking freak on your web cam for me (WAS THE MOST DISTURBING THING EVER! IF YOU HAVE A CROOKED DICK DONT SHOW IT)?Do I care that you can't even stand up & piss like a man because of that extra skin you have that's painful? No. What I care about is you stop this fucking bullshit!!!

For those of you who are falling for his bullshit, you will soon see how fucked up he is. Not only has he admitted to me he needs help but my family as well. Even his mom said he needs help. I tired to be a good person & be there for this person. I felt sorry for him. Pity because he is pathetic. He can't even keep a girlfriend. Two of them ran off & thank god they did. The last 3 were internet connections that couldn't stand to be with him.

Oh it's all going to come out & when it does there are going to be some serious surprises.

The thing you fail to realize that once you start to lie, you have to keep lying to cover that lie. Soon you'll dig your own hole. You wanted to be friends I was cool with that, but you will not lie or trash me. I will not fucking allow that.

Your charade is going to come crashing down on you & all the people that you tell that I am coming after you will see how you are a fucking liar.

Before I was just going to leave & give up. Not now, you have enraged me to the point where I am going to defend myself & prove that you are a liar. End this now & admit what you've done.

Getting Screwed

2009-02-03 20:05:09 by Valz

Yeah so the last few weeks have gone like this....

Getting all my accounts hacked
Someone charging $190 of fat girl porn to my credit card
Peope calling me & hanging up
The same person saying they arent doing it when I have them logged in my phone
Having ANNON caller showing up from midnight to 6 am

How are you guys doing?

For all of you that have been supporting me via AIM, text & email, thanks!! I have lost 30 lbs in less than a month. I was also contacted by Suicide Girls who like my rockabillie/ Bettie Page look.

Finally Made to Feel Like A Worthless Whore

2009-01-05 10:48:09 by Valz

After a long time I finally found someone who made me feel like a worthless whore & a over all pathetic excuse for a woman. I finally realized this & now don't care.

I used to think highly of myself , be healthy, fit motivated & over all happy. I finally met that one person that took that all away from me. I am not motivated about myself anymore, I feel like being a robot, just going through the motions. I used to love with all my heart, but I don't anymore. I am stoic, to the point & just not the old me.

2008 was the worse year of my life, I lost my health, I was hospitalized twice in 2008 possibly soon again, I lost my house during Hurricane Ike & have been nomadic, I have nothing to call my own. I want to give away all my possessions & just start over.

Maybe I am selfish for feeling this way, but last night it came to light that maybe I am just a worthless whore after all.

Maybe I was never a nice person to begin with, maybe I just fool people, maybe I am just a horrible horrible monster. I have no positive feelings about myself what so ever & will never feel anything good about myself ever again.

More to come as I think more.......

So now that I am at this new discovery about myself, it seems that I have upset people. The people who made me believe this are now angry at me for coming to this point. Is honestly not the best policy?