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2010-02-06 16:13:37 by Valz

Yes I have flirted with some of the guys of newgrounds. I told them from the get go what I no strings attached.

Strange that the other guys I have made this offer to when we parted ways we did so because it was for the best & I much rather have a friend then anything else. No complants or accusations of me calling them, messaging them etc. As to who they are is not my part to say, I even talked to them & they agreed that I never harassed them.

I'm sure will more come out about me so let me be the honest & open person I am.....

I love bondage
I love kinky sex
I have shared alot of my fantasies with people I find trustworthy & boy has that backed fired on me
I do have a desire for a threesome
I didn't want to goto the NY meet because of how people might see me
I don't want to be treated anyway special just because I'm female
I do have breast cancer which is depressing as my mother is fighting with her own illness
I really don't give a crap what people think about me anymore, I know I am a good person & those who know me know how I am
I make no excuses for who or what I am
I am a first year law student & hopefully will finish my school despite my illness
I work part time for a photography company & will soon become partner in the company I work for
I love to draw.... I love anime especially
I have written, but not completed two stories bc I am my own worse critic
I dedicate most my time to my moms care, work, school, photography
I have a cat named Gizmo who is like my sister, she means that much to me
I am an huge game nerd & yes I have XboX

I am far from a typical girl & my goal now is to get better, graduate law school & move to California with a good friend...... You know who you are :)


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2010-02-06 17:18:13

Call me judgmental, but the second sentence was enough; I didn't need to read the rest, even though I did.

Valz responds:

I don't have to lie, I have found some guys very attractive here.

I would rather to be the first to state the truth. I am not openly sexual with people, but I have shared personal stories with people I felt I could trust.


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2010-03-03 13:30:30

Can I have a blowjob?