Welcome to Hell....

2009-12-28 21:09:09 by Valz

That was the sign that was apparently posted on the catholic school down from my work. It was funny because they went as far as to call the police & had most of the street blocked off to get a sign investigated.

I kind of agree with the person who put that one the school because catholic school is hell

Welcome to Hell....


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2009-12-28 21:49:06

I studied in a catholic school... and it is kind of a psychological hell they put you in. Before I got in it, I already hated school, and after I got in it, It became more clear to me how stupid people can be.

Valz responds:

Amen buddy!


2010-01-03 20:29:39

ahahaha NICE! that's a win for the poster and a fail for the school/police


Valz responds:

HI SHIKA!!!!!!