The Tale of An Sad & Lonely Person,,,,

2010-02-07 11:30:18 by Valz

Since my personal life is on Newgrounds after several attempts to get it removed has been ignorned I have decided to post the actual text from my iPhone......

For those of you who don't have an iPhone, the green Text is mine & the white is Merlinsbeard. I am very upset that I am being played out as a needy & loving someone who I barely knew.

You can judge for yourself, I had no other motives & I really started to get tired of the drunk calls and him crying saying he was dying, since I my dignoses I take death seriously, hopefully it was not a pathetic ploy for sympathay from me.

I will have to work on a collage apparently..... So as soon as I scale & cut them I will post the entire conversation, possibly in mutliple blog post.


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