I Like Sex...So?

2010-02-05 22:11:15 by Valz

It's funny how when women want to hook up, they're sluts, but when guys do it. they're players.

I can honestly say that I have been in love once & only once....I tend to feel sorry for people who tell me they are dying or lonely. Which I have been told twice. Honestly, I don't want romance or marriage, hell I don't really want a boyfriend. All I want is a friend with benefits. Nothing more nothing less.

People can say what they want & post what they want, but when you have to go that far out to be an asshole, then you know that they are hidding something.

I have nothing to hide.....you all know what I look like now.

I hope that this ends someones temper tantrum.

What's funny still....how I had Death Cab for Cutie sang to me, crying about them being in love with me......

That's alot of effort for ass, more than I would put forth. Well I guess if you're willing to bang a drug popping married woman & play daddy to her child.....or move a girl from Florida up just to get a date.....THAT'S ALOT OF EFFORT FOR ASS.

Better yet when you admit you're a fat from drinking & eating so much you have to goto the gym because you're disgusted with yourself.


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2010-02-05 22:28:07

Relax, hun. The world will be like that for a long while. Just shrug the junk off and live life how you want. Don't let anyone put you down, because only you can let that happen. Ignore the fools and the mis-construed idiots, and you'll make it a lot farther in life than they have, and ever will.

Got it memorized?


2010-02-05 22:32:25

There's nothing wrong with being a slut.


2010-02-05 23:23:20

ah, i see.


2010-02-05 23:44:34

there is a line between sluts and girls who like sex.

and i don't think you a slut